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What’s New

New for 2018 – Shopping Bag now comes with a zipper top instead of the button closure.

New for 2018 – Exciting fabrics added for 2018! See Below.

 All single-strap purses now have adjustable straps!  (New Hardware added!).


New Fabric choices:   Below are a few examples of recently added fabrics to the Val In Stitches line. See each item for fabric names. See individual products for fabric names.


Palazzo Swatch Gmp

Butterflies Blue Swatcch Gmp

Enchant Bouquet Swatch Gmp

Royal Blue Batik Swatch Gmp

Orchid Swatch Gmp

Dynasty Swatch Gmp

Flip Flops Swatch Gmp

Echo Black Swatch Gmp

Peacock Swatch Gmp

Blue Daisy Batik Swatch Gmp

Speckled Lime Swatch Gmp

Graphite Swatch Gmp









Hi Val,

Thanks for making the purse and makeup bag for me.  The purse was for my 10 year old niece who loved the purple bug fabric and the makeup bag in pretty kitties was for me to go with the purse my mom bought from you in October....yes, I was surprised :)

Thanks again - they were a big hit!

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