Set Phone Cases Back Basic Black & Rectangles Crct sq 450
Phone Case in Black Frost FabricSet Phone Cases Front Basic Black & Rectangles Gmp

Phone Case $20 “Now Available” (N/A)

$20.00 N/A


  • Choose Clip-On or Lanyard style!
  • Clip-On Style has a short strap with a swivel clip to hang on your purse strap or belt loop.

    Lanyard Style has 16″ strap drop for neck.

    Both Styles have a velcro closure at top, a plastic viewing side for use with all smart phones and you may be able to talk,, listen or use your touch-screen through the plastic window without removing the phone.

    Pictured above: Lanyard Style (left) and Clip-On Style (right)

  • Choose Size A, B, C, or D
    Size A – 3″ Wide x 5″ Tall        (Small)
    Size B – 3 1/2″ W x 5 1/2″ T    (Medium)
    Size C – 4″ W x 6 1/4″ T          (Large)
    Size D – 4 1/2″ W x 6 3/4″ T    (Jumbo)

Dimensions:  Allow 1/4″ to 1/2″ extra EACH WAY to allow for thickness of your phone.  Err on the side of extra if not sure, so your phone slips in and out easily.

Current Available Fabric Choices Are Shown Below:
Please note: Actual colors may appear slightly different due to screen settings and dye lots.

1. Select a fabric for your item from the choices shown below.
2. Choose which style is best.
3. Choose which size is best.
4. Call Val directly at 920-915-4561 to order.
thumbnailBlack Gray Blend
thumbnailGray - Red Batik
thumbnailFerns Blue Batik
thumbnailBrown - Green Batik
thumbnailBlue On Black
thumbnailBrown Black Calico
thumbnailCat Faces Brown
thumbnailFleur De Lis
thumbnailYellow and Red Rose
thumbnailBlack Taupe Plaid
thumbnailPoppies On Gray
thumbnailBlack Vine
thumbnailApple Blossom
thumbnailBlack & White Texture
thumbnailContempo Lime
thumbnailGray Flower On Black
thumbnailPink Hibiscus
thumbnailPlum Leaves
thumbnailThe City
thumbnailBlack Paws
thumbnailGinkgo Tonal
thumbnailJungle Plant
thumbnailLarge Tan Paisley
thumbnailRed Paws
thumbnailNavy Balis
thumbnailNavy Ivy
thumbnailGold Foil Skin
thumbnailMolten Black
thumbnailDenim Cheetah
thumbnailGray Damask
thumbnailYellow Batik
thumbnailContempo Brown
thumbnailChocolate Muted Flower
thumbnailMetallic Gold Cheetah
thumbnailBlue Vineyard
thumbnailPink w/Green Dots
thumbnailDisco Dots
thumbnailDog Bones
thumbnailGolf Bags
thumbnailTie Dye Red
thumbnailTropical Fish
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Set Phone Cases Front Basic Black & Rectangles Gmp