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I hear from so many of you about how much you love your “Valbags” – you’re what keep me going quite often!  If you have anything you’d like to share (comment or photos) about my bags; I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to email me at

With your permission- I’ll post your comments on this web site (name and city only).  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story.


I just might be your first sale at the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend.  I have 3 of your Vers-a-Purses and love them so much.  But I have a medical device that I must carry with me most of the time so I need something larger.  I have been through your website and I think The Big Sister is the answer.  Would you please bring one for me in Black Leaf Batik?  If you’ll reserve one for me,  I’ll be there to pay you and pick it up.  That’s a promise.  Please let me know if that works for you.  Otherwise, I can call you with my credit card information so I’m paid ahead of time.  Everyone always asks me where I got my cute purse and I always tell them: “From this fabulous lady in Racine!”  You must be sewing constantly.  You have such a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  I personally, don’t know how you do it but I’m glad you do!!!!    Sincerely.

New Berlin WI
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