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I purchased one of your double glass cases at the Odeum Craft Fair last month. I had recently had a Neuro-stimulator implanted in my back and was looking for something to protect the remote control which I need to carry with me constantly. It's as if this case was made for this purpose. Being someone who has done a lot of sewing in the past, I can attest to the great quality of the craftsmanship. The color choices are wonderful and the extra padding protects the unit while it is in my purse. I will certainly be telling the representative from Boston Scientific (the maker of my stim unit) how perfect this is. They must have others looking for something for this purpose. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future! Thank you, 

Nancy - Downers Grove, IL

While I was visiting my kids in Illinois, the Frankfort Fall Festival was going on.  My son's girlfriend had bought one of your bags earlier and my daughter used it.  She loved it and when she found out you were going to be in Frankfort, she wanted to get one of your bags too.  I was lucky enough to be in town that week-end and bought one of your bags as well as a credit card holder.  I used that bag all over Italy.  It was wonderful.  I could hold a lot in it, it was soft and comfortable, and just the right size.  It was one of your slim over-the-shoulder bag.  When I came back to Florida I ordered another one in a different pattern on-line and I use both bags back and forth to go with whatever I'm wearing that day.  I washed the original one and it came out beautifully.  I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have discovered you.  I will definitely be purchasing more of your bags in the future.    Sincerely,


Hi, Val,

Thank you for making the beautiful bags. Your work is always meticulous, and the fabrics are beautiful. These are gifts that I know will be used and enjoyed, as I use and enjoy my own Valbags. It is a pleasure to order with confidence that everything will be perfect.

Elizabeth - Neenah WI

Hi, Val,

Today I am reminded of some of the many reasons that I love your bags. I attend a semiannual day long event held outdoors at a fairgrounds. When it is windy, as it was yesterday, the sand and dust blows around. It is necessary for me to set my large Shopping Bag/Large Tote on the ground (sand & grass). I can wear the Vers-a-Purse to keep valuables close at hand.

Today I have transferred the contents of my dusty bags into a clean Valbag Satchel, and have thrown the dusty bags in the clothes washer. They come out looking like new. There is no worry about getting them dirty, because they wash so well.

Thank you for making life simpler, and less worrisome. Your bags are a great value.    Sincerely.

E. K.

I just might be your first sale at the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend.  I have 3 of your Vers-a-Purses and love them so much.  But I have a medical device that I must carry with me most of the time so I need something larger.  I have been through your website and I think The Big Sister is the answer.  Would you please bring one for me in Black Leaf Batik?  If you’ll reserve one for me,  I’ll be there to pay you and pick it up.  That’s a promise.  Please let me know if that works for you.  Otherwise, I can call you with my credit card information so I’m paid ahead of time.  Everyone always asks me where I got my cute purse and I always tell them: “From this fabulous lady in Racine!”  You must be sewing constantly.  You have such a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  I personally, don’t know how you do it but I’m glad you do!!!!    Sincerely.

New Berlin WI

Thanks so much!  I love my new Big Sister Purse and the duffel bag you specially made for me.  It is just the right size for using as a carry on.  I just showed it to another friend and she might be calling you to order one the size of mine.  I look forward to seeing you at Canterbury in Shakopee the next time you are here.  


Val, I received my bag today. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Everything just fits and it's so pretty. Thanks again. Carin


Oh Val, they're beyond my expectations. Our members will be CRAZY about all of them. Thanks again. Love them, love them, love them!!!

Hi Val!
I couldn't let another day pass without telling you that I LOVE my recently purchased Sophisticate Purse & Jewelry Pouch!! If I had to guess this makes items #11 & #12 that I have purchased from your vast collection over the years! I am always in awe of the superior craftsmanship that goes into EVERY item you create! The fabric selection is sure to please ANY customer! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Subject: Versa Bags!

Hi Val...LUV my bags you made for me using my fabrics...the tractor, cow, barns and quilts!

Your work is awesome, speedy delivery and total satisfaction!

I'm eager to order more!


Kate in Illinois