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Val, thank you so much for making the two gift sets. The post office delivered them a few minutes ago. They are beautiful, well made -as always- and a great value! I am very pleased to give these to my nieces for high school graduation. Thank you again, and have a great summer!

Elizabeth / Neenah, WI
Hi Val,

Just wanted to let you know about the miles of wear and tear on my "Tuttie Fruitties" :-). Al and I left Neenah on Dec 7th just before all the snow really started coming down. We went to Orlando, Panama City Beach, Gulf Shores, North West of Austin, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and are now slowly making our way home. Hope to stay a week in Branson and then ending our trip with a week in St Louis visiting our son's and his family. Then back in Neenah around the 1st of March. During this time we stayed in all the places either a week, 10 days or some 2 weeks.

That is a lot of packing and unpacking, but my "tuttie fruitties" have taken the wear and tear of it beautifully. One of them carries nothing but books and papers, and I should have weighed it when we left home because each time Al picks it up he shakes his head and says something to the effect that he can not believe it that it takes this kind of abuse. The first time he said it, I answered "that is why I have so many ValBags" and that is the truth. By the time we reach Neenah we should be close to 10,000 miles and a lot of in and out of the van for those bags.

Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work.

JJ from Neenah, WI - the tutti fruitie lady
Hi Val,

It was good to see you at the Odeum. I hope it was a profitable show for you.

I love my new satchel! It suits my needs perfectly! I was carrying a Nine West microfiber attaché type case that was serviceable, but boring and klutzy.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


I'm absolutely DELIGHTED with my two mini purses!

They arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I felt like Santa had arrived early!

I'm using the Autumn purse right now and saving the Daisy purse for next Spring and Summer.

I first met you in October of "I don't know how many years ago" in Baraboo, Wisconsin at Faire On The Square. My family and I were camping nearby at Devil's Lake State Park and wandered the craft fair that weekend just for fun. I saw your booth, liked your merchandise but decided I didn't need a new purse. Back to the campground we went.

In camp I couldn't stop thinking about your purses and totes. I sat on a lawn chair and thought about your booth. It wasn't long before I was back in the car driving back into Baraboo to locate your booth again.

That was my first purchase of a Val purse!

Since then I've purchased from you at the craft fair in Shakopee, Minnesota and I've placed orders with you over the telephone. I now own six Val purses and two of your small zip totes.

I keep your website bookmarked on the computer. I love your 50% off Sale page!

A VERY satisfied and continuing customer,

Pam - Minnesota
Hi Val,

Just wanted to let you know that my duffle bag arrived yesterday. I LOVE it!!! It’s absolutely PERFECT! After I ordered it, I went to your website and started second-guessing myself. I wanted to use it as a purse, and I kept comparing the measurements with the Square Sophisticate and The Satchel. I think the name “duffle” threw me, I didn’t want to look like I was carrying a duffle bag around. But, I had liked the style of the duffle when I saw it at the craft fair, so, after talking to you by phone, I decided to trust your judgment and my own and just go with it.

It’s exactly what I wanted in a purse/tote. One of my rather big library books fits comfortably on the bottom. It’s very roomy without being too big or bulky. All my stuff will fit nicely. And the fabric, licorice, is BEAUTIFUL. I’m very glad I went with that color. It looks different depending on the light and has a nice sheen to it.

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, from the style to the fabric.

Thank you so much for making me a custom-made, beautiful tote that I’m proud to own. I’m sure I’ll get loads of compliments once I start using it.

I’m sure I’ll be coming back to you for more. Nice to see you at the craft fairs.

Diane J
Hi Val,

I just got my order.  I am up in Canada for a few months, so my husband just delivered them to me.  They turned out great, you did a fabulous job.  I will remember the next time what you said about using cotton prints.  Thanks again.

Dear Val,

I just wanted you to know how very please I was with the I-pad cover you created for me. It is larger than most customers would want but I find it perfect for my needs. Everything more than fits and all the things you saw with your artists eye were most pleasing. I was especially glad you mentioned cutting the fabric to make both sides of the case face up. Much nicer. The pocket was very nice as well.

You can truly be proud of your handiwork and I will treasure it.

Thank you so much!

Hi Val,

Just a note to let you know that I received my weekender tote bag yesterday.  It's even more beautiful than I remembered!  Now I have a complete set (the purse, cosmetic bag, & tote) for my Thanksgiving flight to New Jersey.  Planned on not checking any bags, so these will fit perfectly in those overhead compartments.  I know that I will receive plenty of compliments on them, so am bringing your card along with me for family members.

Thanks so much once again :)


received your package yesterday.  Mom is very pleased with the three book covers we received.  Thank you again for making this happen so quickly!  We'll keep checking your website for other items of interest.

Hi Val,

I love the purse you sent me. For an item color sight unseen, it could not have been better.

I loved my first purse, red hats. But I like the second even better.

Thanks so much.